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Sky Impact |
VP of Operations

The VP of Operations will play an active role in ensuring the success of Sky Impact events and activities by securing venues and catering for Sky Ventures events, as well as coordinating with other leadership to materials necessary for these events.

More than someone with lots of experience, we are looking for someone willing to learn and bring passion to this position.

Job Description



Collaborate with VP of Event Planning in organizing Sky Ventures meetings and events 

- Develop systems and procedures for securing resources needed for Sky Ventures events


Collaborate with VP of Event Planning to obtain resources necessary for the success of Sky Ventures community events

- Coordinate with and secure speakers identified by the VP of Event Planning for Sky Ventures events

- Find and schedule venues (both on-campus and off) for Sky Ventures meetings and events—communicating and coordinating with the appropriate parties

- Work with Stovall Center to source catering for Sky Ventures meetings and events (when necessary)


Collaborate with VP of Social Media for marketing materials

- Ensure social media and graphic content is completed by the appropriate standard

- Create deadlines for the production of social media and graphic content that allows the proper time for promotional periods


Sharpen pre-existing skills, or develop new ones

- Develop understanding and ability of managing resources, collaborate with other parties, and effectively facilitate successful events 


5-7 Hours a week of work (3 hours required in person)


Benefits Include:

- Mentorship from successful professionals in the fields of Venture, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing

- Workspace at the SC4E, 36N and our upcoming co-working space


You are not required to have previous experience or meet all the qualifications of the job description at this time.


We will be training and equipping every student executive to perform their positions.



***Recommend: TBD

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