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The Nest | Tech Associate

The Tech Associate will advise on matters of technology resources and implementation relevant to the needs of portfolio companies. This may consist of simply researching apps and platforms that can solve a need a founder has, or helping that founder to solve a more involved matter.

More than someone with lots of experience, we are looking for someone willing to learn and bring passion to this position.

Job Description


Be the lead in contact for all tech-related questions from portfolio companies.

- Coding/programing/app development 

- If the tech associate is unable to provide this knowledge, they will be responsible for connecting the portfolio company to someone who does.


Source an exceptional resource to assist in app development

5-7 hours a week ( 3 hours required in person)


Benefits include:

- Mentorship from successful professionals in the fields of Venture & Entrepreneurship    

- Workspace at the SC4E, 36N and our upcoming co-working space 


You are not required to have previous experience or meet all the qualifications of the job description at this time.


We will be training and equipping every student executive to perform their positions

***Recommended: “Lean Startup”

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