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Eagles VC | Senior Investment Associate

The Senior Investment Associate will lead the market research and due-diligence the Eagles VC team conducts for potential investment opportunities, also working with other leadership to provide founders with support, and make final decisions on investments.

More than someone with lots of experience, we are looking for someone willing to learn and bring passion to this position.

*This position is currently filled for the Fall '22 semester

Job Description


Establishing deal-flow on campus

- Be an EaglesVC ambassador, be in the loop for businesses getting started on campus


Working and collaborating with students who lead student-led initiatives on other campuses

- Find good practices that can be implemented in EaglesVC


Working with founders and their companies to maximize efficiency


Lead the due-diligence process in companies that qualify for analysis


Perform market research and coordinate analysis with members of the team


Working with the Nest to assist portfolio companies in getting prepared for funding


Work alongside VP of Investments in determining investment sizes and giving support to founders.


5-7 Hours a week of work (3 hours required in person)


Benefits Include:

- Mentorship from successful professionals in the fields of Venture and Entrepreneurship

- Workspace at the SC4E, 36N and our upcoming co-working space



You are not required to have previous experience or meet all the qualifications of the job description at this time.


We will be training and equipping every student executive to perform their positions.

***Recommend: “Entry Level VC Analyst” course

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