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The Nest | Finance Associate

The Finance Associate will have the opportunity to put their learning to use by working with portfolio companies in matters of obtaining and allocating funds effectively. This will consist of answering questions posed by founders, or finding the answer from a reliable source—then working with the founder on implementation.

More than someone with lots of experience, we are looking for someone willing to learn and bring passion to this position.

*This position is currently filled for the Fall '22 semester


Job Description


Act as the lead contact for all finance-related questions from portfolio companies.

- May include current and projected financial statements, pricing models, etc.

- If the finance associate cannot provide this knowledge, they will be responsible for connecting the portfolio company to someone who can.


Working closely with Managing Director to deal grant money and analyze portfolio companies' needs.


Ensure The Nest is aligned with its budget and does not over-allocate grant money

- $7,000 max per company

- Become an excellent user of Quickbooks 


5-7 hours a week ( 3 hours required in person)


Benefits include:

- Mentorship from successful professionals in the fields of Venture & Entrepreneurship    

- Workspace at the SC4E, 36N and our upcoming co-working space 




You are not required to have previous experience or meet all the qualifications of the job description at this time.


We will be training and equipping every student executive to perform their positions.

***Recommended: TBD

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