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Eagles VC

The Eagles VC Fund guides students in learning to identify viable investment opportunities, based on ideas and the problems which those ideas address, as well as the entrepreneur themselves.


Students in Eagles VC learn to conduct research and due-diligence processes vital to identifying opportunities with true merit. Find your place below.


Dir. of Communication and Alumni/Angel Relations

This position will be responsible for establishing and cultivating key relationships with current and potential investors, as well alumni of ORU. This position will also handle communications and updates on the progress of Sky Ventures and its students to alumni and angel investors.

*This position is currently filled for the Fall 22' semester

Partnerships and Marketing Manager

The Partnerships and Marketing Manager will lead the cultivation of relationships with other university initiatives involved in venture capital and startups. Will also advise portfolio companies in The Nest on their marketing needs.

Senior Investment Associate

The Senior Investment Associate will lead the market research and due-diligence the Eagles VC team conducts for potential investment opportunities, also working with other leadership to provide founders with support, and make final decisions on investments.

*This position is currently filled for the Fall 22' semester

VP of Investments

The VP of Investments will lead the Eagles VC team in memo-writing. The VP of Investments will also work with other leadership to determine the viability of an investment opportunity, before potentially presenting an investment to the board.

*This position is currently filled for the Fall 22' semester
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