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SkyView | Content Writer

The Content Writer will craft articles, blog posts and other written materials for the Sky Ventures organization and will handle the writing of official written communications coming from the Sky Ventures organization.

More than someone with lots of experience, we are looking for someone willing to learn and bring passion to this position.

*This position is currently filled for the Fall '22 semester

Job Description


Write articles, blog posts and other written content and communications for Sky Ventures


Collaborate with Content Manager and Marketing Strategist to write content

- Using the Content Manager and Marketing Strategist’s understanding of Sky Ventures’ audience, craft copy and communications consistent with the Sky Ventures brand which will effectively speak to the relevant audience


Collaborate with Content Manager in ensuring that content is completed and delivered in a manner that will allow for an on-time distribution


Sharpen pre-existing skills, or develop new ones

-  Learn to use clear, concise language to communicate an array of messages and themes across a variety of mediums


5-7 Hours a week of work (3 hours required in person)

Benefits Include:

- Mentorship from successful professionals in the fields of Venture, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing

- Workspace at the SC4E, 36N and our upcoming co-working space



You are not required to have previous experience or meet all the qualifications of the job description at this time.


We will be training and equipping every student executive to perform their positions.



***Recommend: TBD

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