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Sky Impact

The Sky Impact team provides a connection between Sky Ventures and the larger ORU population through the planning of events that can engage students from across the full spectrum of interests and understandings—creating a common ground for ideation and collaboration.


This team’s work includes holding events where industry experts and students can have discourse that yields something for both sides of the discussion. These events will give students the opportunity to gain the practical insights that they have long been looking for.


VP of Operations

The VP of Operations will play an active role in ensuring the success of Sky Impact events and activities by securing venues and catering for Sky Ventures events, as well as coordinating with other leadership to materials necessary for these events.

VP of Communications and Outreach

The VP of Communications and Outreach will actively seek and pursue mutually beneficial relationships with students, universities, organizations, and other key parties that can provide increased opportunities for Sky Ventures students.

VP of Event Planning

The VP of Event Planning will lead the development of Sky Ventures events by spearheading the brainstorming and planning of these events. Will also work collaborate with other leadership to secure marketing materials, venues and other materials needed for events. 

VP of Social Media

The VP of Social Media will develop strategies for promoting Sky Ventures events and gaining exposure with the wider campus audience. Will collaborate with on-campus to reach every corner of the ORU campus.

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